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SAORVIEW is a free digital television service received with an aerial.

With SAORVIEW you get all your favourite Irish TV channels with Crystal clear pictures• Better quality sound• A 7-day on-screen TV guide• RTÉ Aertel – Digital Teletext• 10 RTÉ Radio services All for FREE – no subscriptions, no monthly fees. We are registered Installers for Saorview and can be found on their Authorised company list on their Website.

RTE Radio logos lores

Saorview gives you 10 free RTE radio channels as part of the service.

With Saorview you will receive 12 Channels

Including :Sky News

RTE1, RTE2, Virgin Media 1/2/3 TG4, RTE News 24 hour, RTE jnr, RTE +1 RTE2 +1 this service repeats RTE 2 from 7pm and Now Sky News 24 Hour

To collect Saorview you will need a UHF Terrestrial Aerial fitted to your home or Business. You will only need one Aerial per building to feed as many points as required... but in most cases for more than two points you will also require an Amplifier.


There is no such thing as a "Digital Aerial" All UHF Terrestrial Aerials are compatible with Saorview, but the size and type of the Aerial needed is dependant on the signal required to guarantee a service.

If you would like to receive even more TV channels without subscription, you can combine SAORVIEW with Free-to-Air satellite. Free-to-Air satellite provides a huge number of UK and European channels and is available to access for anyone with a satellite dish and receiver.There are now a number of SAORVIEW Approved Combi TVs and boxes which allow you to receive both services together, meaning just one remote control.




SAORVIEW is a free digital television service you receive with an aerial. SAORVIEW replaced the free analogue TV signal which you received through your aerial. The analogue TV service was switched off on October 24th 2012 @ 10am.

What is ASO or DSO?

ASO is short for Analogue Switch Off. This happened on 24th October in Ireland and is the day that the old analogue TV service was switched off. People who relied on this service to get Irish TV had to switch to digital before the 24th of October or their screens went blank. SAORVIEW is the free digital replacement for this service.

DSO is short for Digital Switchover. This refers to the switch from analogue to digital television transmission. I get TV with an aerial – do I need SAORVIEW?

Yes, if you use an aerial anywhere in your home to get TV, you need to switch to SAORVIEW before October 24. On this day the old analogue service was switched off.

I have a free satellite system – do I need SAORVIEW?

Your free satellite system will not switch off on October 24. Many people with free satellite watch UK channels on satellite and use an aerial to get Irish channels. If you are getting your Irish channels through an aerial, you need to switch to SAORVIEW.

I am a SKY or UPC customer or I pay a subscription for my TV – do I need SAORVIEW?

If you are paying a subscription to a Pay TV service provider, you will continue to get TV services from these companies after Analogue Switch Off. Remember, if you use an aerial to get free TV on any of the TVs in your home, e.g. in the kitchen or a spare bedroom, you need to get SAORVIEW.

I am a UPC analogue customer- do I need SAORVIEW?

Analogue Switch Off will have no impact on any UPC analogue TV customers. Remember, if you use an aerial to get free TV on any of the TVs in your home, e.g. in the kitchen or a spare bedroom, you need to get SAORVIEW.

Can I get SAORVIEW with my satellite dish?

SAORVIEW is not a satellite service. You need a standard UHF aerial to get SAORVIEW. You can access RTÉ services on satellite with SAORSAT. 

rte tv

Please contact us if you require anymore information or would like to book a FREE callout to discuss your options.  

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