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What are Free to Air Channels?

Free to Air means that channels are broadcasted unencrypted.This means that you can view these channels without paying a monthly subscription or using a viewing card. The reception of these free channels is totally legal. The companies that broadcast these channels make their money from advertising, so the more people that can access their channel, the more they can charge advertisers. Of course you still need a TV licence to view them, but as far as monthly TV bills go, you will never get one if you have a Free to Air system.

How can I get Free to Air TV?

There are currently two different ways that you can receive the Free to Air channels in Ireland.

  • Free to Air Satellite
  • Free to Air Digital Terrestrial TV

Free to Air Satellite

At the moment the most common by far method of receiving Free to Air satellite TV is from Astra 28.2e. There are 100s of free satellite channels broadcast from Astra including the BBCs, ITVs and Ch4 range of channels among many others. There is currently around 400 free channels you can pick up this way. When we have finished a scan for these channels on your satellite receiver, you will find that they have all come in on the box in an unordered fashion and there will be duplicates. For our customers convenience, we give the option of having the box pre-programmed. In that way, you can have all the duplicated channels removed and the channel lineup ordered in a more logical fashion. There are a couple of drawbacks to Free to Air satellite though. 

  • EPG (electronic programme guide) is only now and next
  • When channel frequencies change, the box does not automatically update
  • You will have to manually change the settings yourself (not a big job) or you can phone us and we will talk you through it.

List of available channels FREE TO AIR on Astra 28.2

Sky Satellite.

BBC 1 Clubland TV BBC 2 Scuzz Cbeebies Bliss CBBC Wedding TV UTV Food Network ITV 2 ITV3 ITV4 W CCTV News ITV S4C Channel 4 S4C2 More4 Propeller E4 Fitness TV Five Travel Channel BBC News BET Sky News LUXE TV CNN EWTN Film 4 Film 4 + 1 Euronews Revelation Bloomberg news Gospel Channel Al Jazerra QVC ITV2+1 France 24 ITV3+1 Film4 ITV4+1 True Ent Channel 4+1 True Movies More4 +1 True Movies 2 E4 +1 Movies4Men BBC1 London Movies4Men 2 BBC2 England Film 2 BBC1 Wales CBS Action BBC2 Wales CBS Reality BBC1 Scotland Zone Horror BBC2 Scotland CBS Drama Pop Pop Girl Tiny Pop Kix ! NME TV Chartshow TV Flava Luxe TV HD *HD The Vault BBC HD *HD only box Dance Nation TV ITV HD *HD only box CBS Drama CBS Action Showcase Showcase 2 Viva and many more......


There are also HD channels available, but you will need a HD television and receiver to be able to take advantage of these channels. We can supply and install both.

With freesat you do get a 7 day planner.

Fantastic for programme reminders.

Freesat receivers auto update the channel list whenever a new channel starts or a channel is moved.

Freesat also has a recordable version

allowing you to record all your favourite programmes.


You can get further information on channels from